A Dedicated Family of Chefs

We’ve been creating delicious food for over 15 years

Durbar Square Restaurant is a byproduct of team work and love of the real food. Team members of Durbar Square Restaurant worked as farmer, researcher, teacher and successful restaurateur for more than 15 years.

Manager, Bhola Pandey runs an organic farm in Pokhara Valley and ran the Café momo for 10 years. Café Momo was the number one restaurant 7 out of ten years. He opened the restaurant right after doing research on the fast food, obesity and nutrition for two years as part of university study in Boston.

The fresh and less oily food culture of Native country, Nepal has dominance in the Base Camp Cafe cooking. We don’t use MSG or any artificial colors or flavoring. We have 90 % Gluten Free menu and most vegetarian and vegan options in the upper valley region.It is a family restaurant with deep love of food and people eating it. “The Guests are God” cultural concept will be found here in practice. Other three members, Saraswati, Devaki and Niranjan have extensive knowledge of cooking and serving people. The idea and experience be seen on the every plate as we serve sixty percent of fresh seasonal crunchy vegetables, thirty percent of freshly cooked protein and ten percent of carbohydrates.

Food is pure example of the love, you can see feel and celebrate. The Durbar Square Restaurant will offer one hundred percent of love and creations on your plates. Celebrate the love of food here. We welcome you in a Nepali kitchen.

Locally Sourced & Organic Food

We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers, with locally sourced produce.